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A Poem for My Ancestxrs

I am not perfect but my imperfects make me who I am. The wisdom, determination, and ancestral medicine run through my veins. I’m here to reclaim the voices of the womxn that came before me. I hear their voices in my dreams, telling me that I need to follow my purpose in life, and never forget where I come from. Every doubt or question; my ancestors have guided me towards the answer. I remember all of my loved ones- my grandparents and my aunt- who I have fond memories of when I was a child. So many times, I wish I could go back in time, and ask them about their experiences in life. They could fill so many missing gaps but now I will never know. However, I do know deep down in my soul the answers I seek. The validation of the outside world is merely an ant’s eye to my great ambition. I follow in my ancestors prayers, wisdom, and love. Tlazocamati Hue Yokoyani-Ipalnemoani. Thank you Grand Creator-Giver of Life.

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