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A Reminder- that You are Light & Powerful.

Hi my loves!!!! Happy beautiful Wednesday, I hope you are all doing well. Just a reminder that this is a blog post dedicated to you all on your healing and spiritual journey. I’m here to remind you of the power that is already inside of you. My name is Gabriela Martinez Garcia, I am here to reclaim the voice of my ancestors and lead the future generations to come. I am a brown, chicana, indigenous, bruja woman based in Oakland, CA (on Ohlone territory) sharing my experiences. If you haven’t heard this already, you’re so amazing and a divine being of light. I had the urge to write this post today. To be honest, I’ve been struggling a lot with my anxiety lately but I’m grateful for the lessons that it’s teaching me. Years ago, when I began my healing journey I didn’t have the tools that I have now. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my body full of fear. I has severe migraines, struggling with severe anxiety, and depression. My whole life, I never understood how to deal with my emotions and the pain I was carrying around. Even as a child I remember having pains throughout my body. Little did I know that my body was yelling help to the fullest capacity. I’m very grateful for all that my anxiety and depression has taught me. I am now learning more about myself than every before. I embarked on my healing journey because I had the thirst to acquire more. What I didn’t realize that my healing journey was also my spiritual journey. A few months ago, after my life felt like it began to fall apart and I was going through major transformations. I am very grateful for this experience by the way! I learned so much. I began to see a hypnotherapist, she was brought into my life to teach me the power of unconditional love. I’m not talking about romantic love- I’m talking about the love that you are able to see in everyone else. The love that comes from deep inside you and imitates outside of you. She began to teach me about energetic cords that we build with people when we have a relationship with them (ex: mom, dad, siblings, partners, etc.). I began to understand that for a long time I was dwelling on the past and fearful of the future because that’s what was passed down to me by my parents. I subconsciously inherited that fear. However, I do not blame them. As a society we have become plagued with the fear. Since the beginning of colonization black and brown folks have been severely affected by post-colonial trauma. When I say post-colonial trauma I mean the trauma that colonization brought. Although I believe we are still going through that trauma and it is not yet over. In the past few days, I have had to remind myself that fear and love do not exist at the same time. I’ve been listening to a book on audible called, Love is Letting go of Fear by Garald G. Jampolsky, M.D. I remember buying this book like 6 years ago and it has never made sense to me except for now. I have outgrown many bad habits and I have realized that I am an emotional person but over time I was taught that emotions are not okay. I’m here to tell you that it is okay to feel sad, mad, depressed, anxious, or even afraid. Allow yourself to go through these emotions but don’t allow your spirit to be consumed by them. Remember that you can always call on your ancestors for guidance. They are here supporting you. Understand that you have the power to live in the now and live as if it is your last day here on earth. Learn how to forgive and let go of that negative energy. Don’t allow your spirit to be brought down. This does not make you weak, it just means that you want to let go of all things that are not serving you. Again, I like to think that everyone who have crossed my path in these past few months have been teaching me how to offer unconditional love because even if you do not agree with what I am saying, you are still beautiful and divine. No one can take that away from you and you will blossom. There absolutely no one that has the energy you have to offer–you are one of a kind. We are in crucial times right now, remind yourself that you are powerful, and that the real change comes from inside of you. We can not go to the outside world to look for peace, the real peace will come and will be felt from inside of us. I want to appreciate every single one of you for supporting me throughout my journey and my ancestors who continue to guide me. Prayers up relatives– may the ancestor spirits and love energy uplift you always. Love, Gaby.

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