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Hi my loves!!!! Happy Sunday and Happy full moon! This weekend, I was trying to build up my routines again. About two months ago, I stopped doing many things that I enjoyed. Mostly my fault— but hey I guess it happens. This weekend I got to see a really good friend of mine that I met two years ago. She met me during an interesting time period in my life. I was transitioning from an undergraduate student to a teacher, yes it was a lot. However, I’m very grateful that I got to see her after so long. I love building meaningful relationships with folks. I can’t just do small talk. She began telling me how she began to embark on her healing journey these past few months. I get so excited when I hear this because everyone deserves to heal, EVERYONE. We deserve happiness and joy because we’re amazing and divine beings with a purpose. The creator has sent us here and we have to enjoy the good things in our life. It’s that simple. My friend and I began to talk about how the most difficult thing is having patience and compassion with people. It’s these instances where we have to take a step back and reflect. My friend mentioned, “It’s not about you, it’s about them”. In fact, this is true. You might think to yourself, “how is this true Gaby”. When we embark on a healing journey, it is about acknowledging that we will be put to the test. We will encounter experiences that are there to assist us. We have to get through these lessons in order to understand ourselves more. Understand that when you look at your sibling, parent, significant other, stranger, etc. Remember to look at them as a spiritual being as well. They are free and not confined to anything. They are going through their journey just like you are. Have compassion for them and understand that we are not perfect. That no one absolutely no one deserves to feel confined like this. We are more than just our bodies and that we owe it to ourselves to have compassion for those around us. When we have compassion for others we have compassion for ourselves. You have to realize that other folks project what they can not understand. All you can do is try to respond to that part of them that is frighted with love. Respond with something that they wouldn’t expect and you’ll see how it will shift the energy. Allow your heart to open when you respond to fear. When people project fear on to you send them love their way. Respond from a place from your heart and see what you get in response. Something I enjoy doing is sending people love through a letter. You can also try this- it will allow you to see things differently. Grab a pen/pencil and a piece of paper and write a letter to a person that you find it difficult to communicate effectively. You can write it to your mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, sibling, friends, etc. When you write this letter, write it from your heart and say the truth. What do you love about this person? How does this person make you feel? What have you learned from this person? What do you wish you could tell this person that you can’t find the words to tell them? Try to focus on the positive. Once you are done, say to yourself, “I send ________ all of my love” or you can say a prayer, “Thank you Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Grand Creator for allowing me this day to send _______ all of my love. Ancestor spirits of the most highest vibration allow me to see this person through eyes of compassion and love. They are your child and so am I. I am grateful for this experience”. You can choose whatever you’d like. Remember that you are love and you are worthy of all great things in your life. You are here for a special purpose. Love, Gaby. ❤️

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