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Cutting Unnecessary Energetic Cords

Happy Monday beautiful people! Today was a heck of a day but I’m grateful that I got an opportunity to write and unwind. I heard from many astrologers that today would be a day where old problems or issues would resurface to teach us lessons. I’ve been in a reflective state today and I began to think about when I created my blog. Today, I decided to write about Energetic Cords. An Energetic Cord is a bond between two people– it is like an invisible cord that connects you to them. Depending on the connection and the person these connections can be extremely draining. Imagine an invisible umbilical cord connecting you to them. In order to free your self from energetic connections, it is necessary to cut the energetic cord, because it can lead you to your own energy being drained. You can have an Energetic bond with a parent, sibling, friend, ect. The universe will bring people in for a reason but when it is time for them to go they will teach you the same repeating lesson over and over again. It will feel like you are going on a toxic cycle. If you ever feel like this, then it is time to let them go. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them or care for them but it means that you are reclaiming your power. You can do a few things to cut energetic cords by writing, salt bath, or smudging. If you decide to write your feelings and emotions– write the person a letter and let out everything that person made you feel good and bad. Let out any frustrations, don’t keep anything out just let it go. Towards the end of your letter write down your intentions and say something like, “Thank you for the lessons that you brought taught me but I cut the energetic cords between us”. After you’re done, you can burn the letter. As you do so, imagine your energy field becoming pure and liberated from this connection. If you decide to do a salt bath, allow yourself to sit with your emotions. Don’t judge what you feel coming up just acknowledge it and release it. You can say, “I’m grateful grand creator for allowing me to see the truth and for allowing me to release all the things that no longer serve me, I call back my own energy and I let go of ________”. One of the other methods is smudging, when you smudge you allow the ancestor spirits to guide you and purify your energy field. It is important that if you’re working with plant medicine for you to thank the plants for sacrificing their life to help you and assist you. When you cut energetic connections with people who are not in your best interest you do yourself a favor. You acknowledge things that should be released. If you have certain emotions that come up after, I encourage you to journal, write, and release anything that does not bring you peace. You might feel anxious or scared at first but remind yourself that it’s okay to feel emotions. It’s okay to have things come up and that you deserve to release these emotions. Spiritual and emotional healing requires deep inner work but you have the tools do find your peace. If you have any questions, please reach out! ❤️ Please check out my Podcast! Click here if you wish to be redirected to my Podcast.

Love, Gaby ❤️

When you begin to look inward for answers the universe will respond.

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