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The power of our word is very powerful because we can create or destroy. Our words create our reality, as Don Miguel Ruiz says, "be impeccable with your word". The word is the only thing you have and you can create your reality with just one word. When we learn how to push back, say no, or even question things a bit more we begin to learn how to protect our energy from energy vampires or protect yourself from energy that isn't wanted. Our bodies are energy and we are spiritual beings. Words carry vibrations and when we walk around doing things for everyone else except ourselves we give our energy away. Our aura becomes weak and may create blockages in our chakras. When we become more self aware of our energy and the way it works we become less complacent on giving our energy away to ungrateful people, energy vampires, and situations that do not serve us. If we have certain blockages in our bodies, then our reality will reflect that as well. For example, if my whole life, I've gone through making others happy except myself then my Solar Plexus Chakra may become blocked because I am not acting in my own free will to create myself happy. In turn, anxiety will come up in my every day life and ungenuine connections may show up in my life. However, if I live to make myself happy and challenge boundaries, then my reality will reflect that as well. I'll share my own personal reflection. For a long time, I was really scared and afraid to talk about spirituality and to put myself out there because the people around me were not doing such. Until, life gave me certain lessons that I had to learn because I had to be on a spiritual path that would not only help me but help others find comfort in a changing world. I'm here to tell you, that if you are reading this, it is because you are on the right path to open your life up with abundance and that you do have the power inside yourself to create a reality based on love. Even if, the world around us and society tells us that have to disconnect to who we really are in order to strive. You are worthy of creating a better world for yourself and that the change you want begins with yourself.

Being aware of your energy and meditating is one of the best things you can do to protect and open up your consciousness. This is a path that was chosen for me even since before I was born and I will always do the very best to share content that will help us reclaim our power.

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