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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. When I was a kid, the holidays were one of my favorite times because of the time I would spend with my family. I love writing and it is something that I can’t stay away from for too long because then I feel incomplete. I have not been writing lately and I apologies for that because I know that my short paragraphs may help you. 🙂 On earth, we are going through changes on a collective but on an individual level as well. Always remind yourself that you are here for a divine purpose and that every day is a new day for you to tap into your power that has been with you all along. It is a crucial time for us to get to understand the essence of who we truly are and what are the facets that life has to offer. Today, my mind has been circling back to forgiveness. The definition of forgiveness is the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. As you can see, the act of forgiving is an act that can be reciprocated. Forgiveness can be a tricky thing because sometimes one’s emotions can be deeply intertwined with a situation or person. The way another person acts is not because of you, it is because they have other internalized emotions within themselves that they need to understand. I’ve heard this term many times before, “Hurt people hurt people”. Although, yes, this is true but we have the power to stop the repetitive cycle. When we forgive or ask for forgiveness to someone else it’s not for them, it is for your own peace of mind. To me, forgiveness equals to liberation. Remember you are only human and the people around you are only human, as well. Every person that you come across is a child of the divine. If you can not accept or forgive someone then it is best you let them go as holding on to them may create more karma for yourself. You should not dismiss your feelings but you should always say what is on your mind. You have to remind yourself that the biggest power is in the present moment now. The anticipation of yesterday and tomorrow only exists in our mind. Remember that at the center of your universe is always just, you.

Love, Gaby❤️

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