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Hope Dies Last

Happy Sunday everyone, I feel like, at this point, every day feels the same. These past few weeks, I’ve been adjusting to my new environment and sharing that environment with my baby kitten. I’ve had a few situations come up in my life that have been indicators of the growth that I’ve developed and cultivated for myself. I’ve been learning the importance of boundaries with your friends and even relatives. That your energy field does not deserve to be contaminated by other’s fears or projection of insecurity. I’ve learned the past few years to do things with great pride and humility– to look forward and not look back. Have you ever seen the queen of swords in the tarot deck? I suggest you look at her, I think that card is mesmerizing, it can definitely teach us a lot. When I look at that card, I see someone who knows exactly where they stand and someone who can see clearly through the B.S. someone who is strong and does not look to the sides of fear and allows themselves to be guided by the divine. That is something that I’m continuing to learn every day is to let go of that fear. The fear does not matter. What does the fear look like? Fear is that voice in the back of your head that says you’re not worthy, fear is that neglect that you’ve allowed others to plaugue you with, and fear could simply mean that you’re allowing yourself to fall through the cracks. STOP IT– know that you are worth more than that. When I say this, I mean it from full intention and my heart that you deserve the best. Remember that your ancestors and you have fought long and hard to be here. Be proud of that and stand in your truth and don’t be afraid to speak your truth even if you’re the only one that believes it. When I fall helpless to see the positivity in my life. I think back to a field trip I took to LA with my class when I was a junior in High School. My class got the opportunity to go to the museum of Tolerance. I got the honor and privilege to hear a holocaust survivor speak of his experience hiding out in someone’s house for YEARS with his younger sister. Imagine being stuck in an attic, not knowing if you’re going to die or not. Well, this man, a holocaust survivor, had a beautiful glow and reflection of life. When he spoke about the hope he had–it was as his face lit up. Hearing him talk was a profound experience that I don’t regret– I learned so much that day. How resilient one person can be and that hope really does die last. That we are strong spiritual beings and that if we are living through a pandemic and historical fires in California it’s for a reason. We have the power in us to want a better version of ourselves and this change will cultivate a change in the outside world. When we act the universe will always respond. Hold on to this hope because we deserve better for ourselves and for the generations to come. Part of me felt very compelled to write this and I hope that you all enjoyed it. Remember we can make changes but the changes start inside ourselves first. We can not change the outside world with out accepting ourselves first– the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll leave everyone with this prayer and I send you all much love. Love, Gaby.

Today, I call upon my ancestors and ascended masters. The ones who guide me to become my higher self that all fog be removed from my head. That I am a light being of love and abundance and I will not give up. I will continue on my path with great joy and I ask for guidance from you ancestors,

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