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I Don’t Fear Transformation

Oracle deck: The Wild Offering by Tosha Silver- I love this deck because it has prayers and intentions you can focus on every day!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a heck of a ride this past few weeks with changes all around but I am blessed that you have made it this far into my blog! Today, I decided to write about something that may be anxiety inducing for some of us or we may not think anything of it at all. I want to talk about the inevitable cycle of life, death, and rebirth. I am not talking about it in a literal way of dying but dying in a metaphorical way. For example, like life changing events that occur in our life, closing a chapter, and starting a new one, letting go of people and relationships. Change is part of our being and soul. We will go through many changes and transformations. Imagine if we just stayed the same through out our whole lives, then we would not advance consciously. Consciously can be interpreted loosely because we all have different meanings of what consciously means to use but what I mean by consciously is “thinking in a deliberate and intentional way”. An example may be you going through a difficult life situation and you learning from that lesson to avoid making the same mistake or making the effort to think about why something must have happened. I felt very compelled to talk about life, death, and rebirth because it can be very hard for us to understand when we are going through changes.

I was on Miwok territory a few weeks ago and I took these beautiful pictures. Thank you for mother earth, father sky, and indigenous people of the land to allow me to visit such beautiful place full of history.

A few days go, I went out for a walk with one of my really good friends. She just recently graduated college. She accomplished a major milestone in her life by making the conscious effort to graduate college. It’s been a long four years for her but she made it. Like many of us, she has found it very difficult to settle into her new life in her hometown, given the circumstances. I have, also, gone through a big change on my own. I recently made the concious desicion to leave behind my teaching career. I felt that it was a change that was very necessary. It does not necessarily mean that it was easy. On the other hand, some of us go through depression, anxiety, or the dark night of the soul- these can be characteristics of changes that you might be fighting. It’s okay to feel like that, after all changes can be very difficult for some of us. However, these changes are all part of our transformation and what lessons we learn from our circumstances. It is up to us to determine how difficult we ease into these changes and transformations. These changes can sometimes be predictable and sometimes they are not. Whatever the change may be- we have the power to reflect and consciously make the decision to let things go. We have the decisions to say “creator, god, source- guide me to where I need to be- I know this is all part of your plan”. Things do not work out in our favor because it was not meant to be. I’ve realized, what helps me stay reflective and open to messages is keeping a journal and whenever I start to double think about something, I write it out and I try to get to the root of the problem.

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