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Learning How to Forgive Ourselves

Not too long ago I heard the phrase, “Treat people how they like to be treated”. I took a moment to think about what had just been said because I always heard, “Treat people like you like to be treated”. However, how you like to be treated is not necessarily how other people like to be treated. Have you ever stopped to wonder how you like to be treatd? How do you know this? Do you know how you like to be treated? It is important to understand this concept because everyone comes with their own set of expierences and it all depends on this expierence. When someone crosses our path in life- we may met them at a time of success, a time where they are going through hardships in life or something completly different. Not to mention that we are also at different point in our lives. At times, we can dwindle in our minds and get lost in the vast sea called our thoughts. If you do not know how you like to be treated, its okay, we all go through the motions of healing and try to understand ourselves more. Before you can even understand how others want to be treated and how you like to be treated- FIRST we need to understand how to forgive ourselves.


Before I get into how we forgive ourselves, I will tell you a story. There was a little boy that was raised into poverty and grew up extremly poor. He had to struggle to feed his family and neglected himseld in the process because he was always thinking about everyone else. He did not have the healthiest relationship with his mother or father. The little boy failed to understand how to love himself and the relationships with himself. He had no choice, after all he was thrown into a dysfunctional family, and was not taught the vaule of relationships with himself and others around him. You see, this is not the little boys fault- however, when he grew up, he grew up to neclected and abused all romatic and non-romantic relationships. He did not understand why life had dealt him the card that he had. What he did not realize is that he did not have control over his childhood but he does have control of his future. On the other hand, he does have control over how he feels now. He has the power to forgive himself for all the times that he did not treat someone right and can allow himself to heal. He can, also, learn how to forgive himself for not giving himself an oppurtunity to understand himself more and heal along the way.

In life, we have to forgive ourselves for everything we have ever done- the good, the bad, and only then can we forgive all of those around us. We have to come into terms with what we feel to understand where we are going. When we learn how to forgive ourselves, we move on to treat people how they want to be treated because we now understand how we like to be treated. We understand who we are and where we’re going. I hope you enjoyed my short read of the day. Take care of yourselves everyone!

Love, Gaby ♥

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