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Let go of Expectations

Hi my loves, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I’ve been undergoing many transitions in my life and I’m truly grateful for them I’ve learned to let go of so much these past few weeks and reflected on what lessons they brought into my life. Today, I felt compelled to write about disappointments. Disappointments come into our life when we have gotten our hopes up about any given situation or person. All emotions, not just disappointments, can be attached to a past situation or instance that we’ve gone through. Disappointments can bring us the biggest sorrows but the biggest lesson of all. Do not attach yourself to any experience or have expectations. I’ve learned this the hard way because I would always get my hopes up about situations and certain individuals in my life. You see when you do this you are relying on external forces to make you happy, whole, and complete. However, realize that you are already happy, whole, and complete. You don’t need external energy to complete you. When god, universe, source created you– you were created with immense power and energy that runs through your spirit. You were given the tools to navigate and fulfill your life purpose. You just have to look inside of you and let go of the disappointments. Remember that every situation is here to teach us a lesson as hard and challenging it is. Last night I was reading one of my favorite book called “The Noticer”. It is about a wise old man that brings in new perspective into peoples lives. The old wise man brings a new perspective in to the life of a young man. A young man that has lived wit many traumas and fear– he struggles from depression and he is contemplating suicide. The old wise man tells him that in order to free himself from his thoughts he must attack these thoughts logically. For example, do I have control over this? what is the worse possible outcome? how possible is the outcome? The old man continued to say, “The seeds of depression can not grow in a grateful mind”. Gratitude can help shift the way we think. For my all my relatives that are going through a rough time or just find yourself feeling stagnant, I have written a prayer that I want to share with you all.

“Thank you father sky, Mother Earth, and grand creator; I am so grateful for the beautiful body that I was given. For the air that fill my lungs. Ancestors of the highest vibration continue to assist me in my waking life and allow me to walk in my highest purpose that will allow me to walk to my destiny”.

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