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Listening to Your Higher Self

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing good. I felt very compelled to post today; even though this post will not have pretty pictures, I’m sorry! I know it’s been two very long months since I’ve posted anything on here. I am aware that we are during crucial times in the world and it saddens my heart to see all these things occurring. We are in the middle of time and space where we need to listen to our inner voice more than every. On the other hand, theres been a lot of changes in my life, changes that are inevitable for soul growth and advancements to self-discovery; these changes are essential on an individual level but holistic community level as well. However, one thing that I’ve forgotten in the midst of these changes is to listen to my own voice. I’ve neglected to listen to my higher self and my spirit guides. I’ve been trying to run away from fully embracing inner change and it’s made things a bit more complicated for me. I’ve realized that all the answers that I seek are already inside of me. I believe that we all have the answers that we’re looking for inside of us. Even though it may not seem like that when we’re going through our physical life and we’re forced to make what society called “logical decisions”. Even though logical decisions are connected to our survival instinct, which is fine but it becomes a problem when we use that logical decision making for every aspect in our life, including soul growth changes. When it comes to listening our own voice to call upon our higher power, we should call upon our higher selves to guide the way, and our guides to send us down the path we need to be on. Our intuition can be accessed through dreams, writing, meditation, tarot, and other infinite ways of finding it. You can not run away from your intuition and higher purpose because as soon as you do you will feel unclear, blocked, and lost. When we learn how to listen to ourselves first everything will fall into place. Trust me your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, source energy, and the universe will always find it’s way to you- no matter how much you run away. Thank you everyone! I know it’s been a while but I hope to start posting more and remember if you have any questions or comments reach out to me!

Love, Gaby ♥

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