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Love is the Highest Frequency

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday, quarantine day? I don’t even want to remember. I hope everyone is doing good and staying healthy! Before anything I want to share a quote with you all from the book Becoming Dangerous, “I name who I’m writing for, a form of invocation, of acknowledgement. Crippled witches, medicated witches, crazy witches. Misfits and solitaries. Anti-capitalist and mad folks, city-witches, traumatized fuck-ups, the abandoned. I write for those of us who are poor, those of us on social assistance. Those who were/are bullied for our magic, for our survival skills”. I read this quote and it reminded me why I write and why I began my blog in the first place. I’ve had my share of difficulties in the past but I try to stay grounded in my purpose, truth, and authentic power. I write for those who come from injustices and marginalized communities who have the will to reclaim their power. I’m very grateful for everyone who takes the time to read my posts. I really appreciate you all and I hope that you all can find some sort of help or comfort in my posts. OR maybe you won’t and that’s okay too! Whatever makes you happy makes me happy too!

In the last few months, I’ve gone thru a lot of changes that were necessary for my soul growth and expansion. Although, I had to deconstruct a broken foundation- I can say it was a much needed lesson I had to go through. I began to focus inward and I was curious to put myself as the main focus. I began to ask myself necessary questions of my surroundings but also dive deep in my subconscious mind. I continued to learn more about the law of attraction but, also, becoming a multi-sensory human rather than a five sensory human. The five sensory human is confined within the five senses that correspond to it’s personality, which is touch, smell, hearing, smell, and taste. It can be easy to get caught in the mundane situations and feelings in our every day life. The five sensory human has to do with the spirit trapped in the physical world that we are in. Whereas, the multi-sensory human is a human that understands beyond their perception and body. They understand the difference between the body and the soul. There is great intelligence when A book that I highly recommend is the Heart Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. The book goes into great detail about karma, soul contracts we have made, intention, etc. The book is definitely worth reading if you want to learn more about the Multi-Sensory human and the advancement of higher consciousness. In order for us to understand ourselves, we need to understand how our subconscious mind works; why and how we interact with the things we do. This is essential for us to tap into unconditional love. We need to understand how we feel and think at times when it is crucial. When we actively think about our emotions, we can control the outcome, and heal part of us that need attention. When you shift your level of consciousness and begin to understand things outside of yourself, you’ll begin to realize that you are in full control. You attract the things in your life that you want to become. No one has that control but you. If you sit and listen- you will understand your power. The real attraction begins with YOU, it begins with what you want for yourself and everything around you will begin to change and shift for the good. Dig deep in your subconscious mind- ask yourself questions and try to answer them. Reflect, listen, and reflect again. Remember that love is the highest vibration! Fear lives in the personality and love is in the soul. Remember you are love and light. Don’t give into the fear with the midst of craziness, give in to the vibration of love! – Love, Gaby.

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