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Love Yo Self.

Hi everyone! I randomly thought about a message I received by my spirit guides months ago–“Call upon the energy that you want to become”. This was the message that popped in my head as I was drifting off into my sleep. The message in itself seems very clear and straight forward. However, what I was living was very different. It wasn’t until I actually began to call upon the energy that I wanted for myself. I created a vision board for myself in different aspects of my life: physical health, mental health, my career, my romantic and non-romantic relationships. When it came to writing every different aspect on my vision board, I started with positive affrirmations, “I am _______”. I wrote everything as if I already had it in front of me. I keep my vision board very close to my bed because it is what I see every morning. My interpretation of a vision board is to imagine your higher self. How does your higher self look like? what are they saying? Ask yourself these questions but answer them truthfully. Take as long as you want to write them down on a scratch of paper or journal. Once you have an idea of what you want to write or pictures that you want to use go ahead and start your vision board. I always tend to look at the bigger picture, which can be good and bad. However, I try to remember that your spiritual journey is your own sacred journey. No one will ever have the same expierence as you. When I began to envision my higher self, at first, it was very challenging. Part of me was scared that I wasn’t ready to tap into that energy. Over time, as I became more in tune with myself it became easier to listen to my intuition. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Sometimes getting to know your higher self requires a lot of inner work, but realize that when you tap into that power within you everything around you will grow. This is what my spirit guides where trying to tell me months ago. They were telling me that I needed to let go of low vibration frequencies that were not serving me. I began to look deep within myself for answers. I began to do inner healing work that never in my life did I ever think I would do. I let go of baggages that I had been carrying for a long time. In the past few months, I have met some of the most inspirational and influential people in my life that have shown me what is possible when you understand yourself. When I began to grow, everything beautiful around me began to grow. Months ago, I found myself stuck in a dark place with no where to go. I was too stubborn to look within myself for the answers I was seeking. Our beautiful bodies, mind, and spirit are more aware than we think. We are already armed with the tools that we need within us. We all come here with different lessons to learn. So maybe creating a vision board won’t help you but positive affirmations will. Who knows, you have to ask yourself what you really want deep within yourself because no one can answer that for you. I invite you to think about three positive affirmations for the next week and see how that goes for you, I mean what’s the worst thing that could happen? You attract that energy? When you begin to listen to the wisdom inside of you and accept yourself for who you are. Your life will never be the same again. The mundane things you would worry about disappear because you find that peace within yourself. Much love to everyone and stay cool! Love, Gaby.

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