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Mercury Retrograde and New Moon in Leo (WOW!)

If you’re reading this congratulations you made it through the Mercury Retrograde! Well, what is Mercury Retrograde? Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury appears to stop, while earth continues to orbit around the sun. During the retrograde it could be very common to feel like problems from the past reoccurring. For some of us, it could have been extremely draining but now it is time to process and reflect. For me, it was a very complicated few weeks. There was a lot of challenges, shifts, and blessings. What I got out of this Mercury Retrograde: 1) I learned to let go of fear 2) Let go of things that no longer serve me 3) believe in myself. I challenge you to ask yourself- what have these few months consisted of? Have I learned anything? Am I still processing? This marks new beginnings for many of us. Our new moon will officially be in Leo July 31, 2019 at around 8:00 PM. This new energy is fun and exciting! Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac. Leo is ruled by fire- Leo energy possesses growth, maturity, and change. In my personal opinion, Leo is energy has the capability of high learning- it also relates to masculine energy. Leo energy can help us manifest things in our lives into existence. It could help us take charge of that new idea in the back of our minds. When I woke up this morning, I decided to set my intentions for the new moon. I wanted to see what I can bring to the light and work on. Some of my goals are surrounding my spirituality. I want to keep pushing myself to achieve my own personal goals! Write down your goals for this new moon and manifest your goals. This New Moon should be about you letting your gut feeling guide you to get to your goals. This is the perfect time to detox and let go of any harmful toxins being held by your body and spirt. There is new beginnings that are afoot that will help you advance to where you want to be. I’ve realized that in order to heal we need to reclaim our power. My next article will be about my experience with numerology and how numbers play a role in our lives. I know that this was a VERY short post. Let me know if you have any questions! – Gaby xoxo

Thank you grand creator, father sky, and mother earth- for giving me another day to be here on this earth. I want to petition- guidance- from plant spirits, ancestors, and positive energy- for me to fulfill my duties here on this earth; to be where I need to be. Ancestors fill me with your wisdom and guide me towards where my spirit will follow.

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