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Mindfulness Part One

This will be Part One of my mindfulness series. There is a lot to mindfulness- it is simple, yet complex. I want to cover different techniques to achieve mindfulness. I want to give you the tools to decide what best supports YOU. Who knows, maybe non of techniques work for you but its okay. There is many resources that are out there that may or may not help you. I am by no means a trained professional- I am just sharing my experiences with you. You can come to your own conclusions.

When you hear the word Mindfulness what do you hear? Maybe deep down you think about meditation, observation, or focusing bodily sensations. On the other hand, you may not even think about anything at all, and that is okay. I googled the definition of mindfulness and the definition is as follows, “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”. Everyone has a different interpretation of mindfulness. What mindfulness means, to me, is the act of observing, being aware of your surroundings without any judgement, and paying attention to feelings that might occur. I’ll give you a personal example-

I went to a park by the shore, it was a clear day, but there was still some clouds ready to take over the sky. I put myself in the mental state of paying attention to my surroundings. I wasn’t thinking about anything. I wanted to focus my attention to the outside world- I wanted to know what the outside world had to tell me. I walked over the edge of the concrete pathway. I noticed there was a busted rusty rail. As I peered over, I saw enormous piles of rocks with dry sea weed plopped on top of the rocks, and I thought to myself- this is disgusting. As soon as that thought shot through may brain, I caught my self and said, wait- let me take a step back, why do I think this is ugly? And just in a matter of seconds, I was observing. No judgement. Just observing. As I listened to the waves crashing into the rocks and the birds chirping. My attention wasn’t on the rocks anymore. My attention went to all around me. I began to notice how my skin felt- how the goose bumps on my body were being produced by the cold breeze. It was beautiful to just feel and not put any labels to what I was feeling, and just observe. It’s simple just observe. Mindfulness is a powerful tool because, as someone who suffers from anxiety, it can be easy to focus on what is “wrong”. It’s easy to get lost in the thoughts that keep us from being the best versions of ourselves. When we feel sad, happy, mad, and excited- have you ever noticed how your body feels? Does your body tense up? It’s good to notice our emotions because that’s sometimes what they are emotions. Sometimes we have to be aware of how they make our body feel to make sure that we attack the feelings that we may be repressing. Say that you’re friend just gave you some very disturbing news about one of your old friend. It makes you upset, and you begin to clench your shoulders, you forget to breath, and you begin to feel these mentions that you can’t shake off. These emotions stay with us, we keep these emotions bottled in, whereas if you observe these emotions- you are acknowledging them. You’re letting them pass by like a bicyclist in traffic. I challenge you to do this- observe- how do certain feelings make you feel? where do you hold your traumas? Is there more traumas? What I recommenced that you do when you start shifting your perspective- begin to notice how you feel but do not judge these emotions. They are just passing by. Later on, when certain emotions arise you will understand how they make you feel and just let them pass by.

On Wednesday, I will have another post that will go more in depth about the art of breathing, stay tuned for that post! It will be very exciting. Remember, you are a reflection of source energy and your potential is limitless. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns; please e-mail me! Love, Gaby.

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