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Mindfulness Part Three

Mindfulness Tarot

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to FINALLY have Mindfulness Part Three up. I apologize I took so long to post this one. I’m not sure if it’s just me- but this past week had me all over the place- and DUH it’s understandable because were going through major changes in the universe. I had to take some time for myself and gather my thoughts. Now that I feel a lot more focused and rested, I’m ready to jump into this post. I’m, personally, very excited for this one because I feel it’s very important but I want to mention that if you do not feel like you’re 100% ready for tarot its okay, then you can go to my other post for mindfulness. Before I start, I am not a pro at tarot- my purpose and intention to use tarot is to 1) reflect on my day 2) what is something I need to bring forward in my life to over come certain obstacles- like healing, transforming, learning, and more. I’m more than willing to answer any questions that you may have! By the way this is a perfect way to learn tarot! Enjoy!

I started doing this a few months ago, when I was going through a lot of changes in my life, and I needed guidance from spirit. I was going thru a lot of stress during this time and I felt like I couldn’t see clearly and my intuition was being bogged down by the energy around me. I started to realize that I needed to feed my intuition and let it guide me. I’ve always been a dreamer and doing “mindfulness tarot” helped me connect with my higher self. It made me understand what aspect of myself I needed to feed. So let’s dive in! Things you will need: tarot deck (any of your choice), journal, pen, love, and your intuition 🙂 You can use any tarot deck, however, I would recommend using the traditional tarot cards; it’s easier to use and to interpret.

I would recommend to do your mindfulness tarot in the morning when you wake up. For me, that’s a perfect time for reflection because you don’t have emotional garbage, as I like to call it, or any low vibrations that could be from work, school, etc. When you have your tarot cards- you can tap them three times, have a crystal, or burn incense of your choice. However, if you don’t have crystals or incense it’s okay; just imagine your space clear of negative energy and call upon positive energy. Before you start to shuffle your cards I like to say, “Thank you father sky, mother earth, and grand creator for giving me this day to go about my words in a positive and good way that is true to my heart and spirit; let my intuition guide me and spirit give me the message I need to receive today”. Of course you can say whatever you would like but just make sure you have your intention in mind. After that is done, grab your cards, and shuffle them a few times; repeat out loud, “what is the message that I need to receive for the day”. Usually, this is when you a card flies out or you will pull one from the deck.

When you pick your card

  1. Look at the card (just observe)- how does the card look like? Does it have any depictions that stand out to you? What colors does it have? Is the card in reverse or is it upright?

  2. Now write down all the things that you noticed in your journal.

  3. Go on google and look up the literal meaning of this card. Look at with this card actually means.

  4. Reflect! Now this is the time where you connect the dots; make sure you think about- what could this card mean and how can this be showing up in my life? Do I need to make changes to actions that I’m taking? What can I learn from what I’m going through right now.

I consider this mindfulness because you are slowing down to listen to your spirt- what is it telling you? You are tuning in to your vibration. Remember: Let your intuition guide you- you may have more questions that come up but just flow with it and let them guide you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my e-mail list! – Love, Gaby 🙂

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