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Reclaiming Your Voice

One of the most difficult challenges is reclaiming your voice after a “defeated” battle- or feeling like you’ve lost mentally, physically, or emotionally or you may not be defeated at all but just exhausted of a long battle. In life, sometimes, we are thrown in situations where it can be difficult for us to express our creativity, love, admire who we are, and most importantly heal. We may even get sick mentally or physically- for example, we may get pain in parts of our body. Low vibration frequencies can take over your body in many ways. I remember when I was undergoing a huge transition in my life- I forgot to drink water as much, and I did not take care of myself like I normally did. Over time, I began to develop a very sharp pain on my lower back. I thought to myself, “It’ll go away”. However, it progressively got worse; I realized my body was trying to tell me something- it was trying to communicate with me- but I failed to acknowledge my pain. I never understood why, until I had to go to the hospital, and I was told that it was a kidney infection. I had to take antibiotics and within weeks it was resolve but four months later it came back. The second time the pain, came around, I was ready to listen to my body and understand how I could heal myself by listening. After a few weeks- I continued to write, reflect, cry, laugh, and enjoy walks- of course as well as drink a lot more water and cranberry juice.

After I reflected and spent time alone, I realized that my body was trying to tell me that it was hurt, and that I needed to tend to my wounds- I needed to let go of the pain that was keeping my body sick. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a TON of healing work to do but the particular battle I had undergone was a tough one. It was one that flipped my whole life upside down but I realize now that it was a very necessary one. Along the way I learned how to reclaim my voice by believing in myself and standing up for justice. Growing up, I was always the shy and reserved girl that wanted to blend into the background of the walls. I’m still reserved and shy at times but I’ve learned how to conquer the fear that can pleague my body. I’ve realized that it serves me no purpose. As I listened to a pod cast by the Fat Feminist Witch– she said something that stood out to me, “Who were you allowed to be as a child?”. That made me think really hard about my childhood and who I was allowed to be. I also think this is important to tell you all- THE UNIVERSE WILL NEVER GIVE YOU ANYTHING YOU CAN’T HANDLE. YOU ARE THE LIGHT THAT THIS WORLD NEEDS. Even when you feel that the universe has let you down, NOPE. It’s all part of the plan and all you can really do- is stay reflective, receptive, and try to be optimistic (even if it’s really hard). Listen to your body, what is it telling you? what does it need? what do you need? Give yourself room and take space! Often times, we can be hard on ourselves and not listen. Remember you are light energy and the energy that you give is the energy that you receive.

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