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Sharp Turns

Hello my fellow bloggers! I have missed you all. I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately and how much I miss being on here expressing myself to you all. I’ve been feeling extremely conflicted lately tied between online classes, work, and wanting to perfect my writing! This summer has been an interesting summer so far. I’ve been pushing the boundaries in ways that I thought I’d never do. I’ve been journaling a lot more (for my own personal growth). I have also been doing a lot of business management. Well some of you may say well, Gaby?! Aren’t you on summer break because you’re a teacher?! And, yes, I am! But I have been helping my father start up his business. Let me tell you, it is a lot work that goes on behind the scenes. My life feels like it’s taking a different direction from what I was anticipating before. — don’t get me wrong, I love teaching but I think that I might be getting pulled towards another direction. When a tree grows and it realizes that it’s growing on concrete, it defies all odds by growing through the cracks. Sometimes change is inevitable and they have to make these sharp turns. Part of me has realized how much I love to write. I love letting my hands take control of the keyboard as the thoughts run through my mind. I’m trying to challenge myself to write every day, and I hope as time goes on, I can keep writing more and more! 🙂 Sometimes.. when life takes an unexpected turn its best to just run with the idea that you have in your mind. It’s all about having that leap of faith!

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