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Writing through Our Fears

Hello everyone- I hope everyone finds themselves in a good state of being after this, adventurous, full moon in Aeries. Today, my spirit guided me to write about the power of reflection and how it can help us. I, usually, start my day every day with the same routine- I write, while I drink my smoothie. Reflection has allowed me to consciously think about my actions, the actions of others, and how to live more mindfully. I try to understand myself better before I react. For years, I have reflected in my journals- asking myself existential questions, pressing issues that come to surface, or questioning my actions in certain situations. I have recently started writing in my journal again and it has helped me out when it comes to feelings and emotions that come up in my every day life. When writing and thinking about the world around me; I allow self expression to to flow freely. There is no limitations, boundaries, walls, or fear. I picked up a book, not too long ago, called Writing Down the Bones. The author, Natalie Goldberg, writes about the importance of writing through our feelings when we’re happy, sad, mad, excited, and depressed. She compares writing like the art of Meditation. When we Meditate, our monkey mind gets in the way of our intuition. Our monkey mind can be seen as fear that follow us. However, writing in a journal may help us get through this monkey mind business. When we let our intuition guide us- we are allowing creation to flow through us. I consider the monkey mind to be part of our fear. Our fears can be comprised of trauma, negative experiences, and/or judgements. In order for us to over come fear, we have to face our fears head on. We have to be ready to ask questions that may help us get to the root of the problem. I, also, wanted to mention that this can be very hard for some of us and we can also see a counselor to help us with this. Remember to be kind to yourself because healing is not easy and feel free to take up space! I want to mention that, we already have all the answers inside of us but we have to nurture the part of us that connects to the divine source- a part of us that many have neglected.

With every step that I take, the sand rushes between my toes like the waves crashing between rocks and the life above, underneath, and all around. The sun kisses me with it’s beautiful rays, let’s me know they are watching over me, they tell me the stories of my ancestors and how I am my ancestors. Pain I feel, pain I don’t see, fragile like the shells under my feet- so delicate.
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