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You are a Warrior

Happy Thursday my loves–I hope everyone finds themselves doing well during this Mercury Retrograde. I want to start off by acknowledging you all for the work and dedication that has come forth with the past few months. Our world, has shifted tremendously but I’m proud to you all taking the initiative to support your growth as expansive human and spiritual beings. I once had my great grandmother come in my dream and tell me, “las fuerzas del pueblo van en tus manos”, which means the forces of the people are in your hands. This is something I always remember when I’m feeling down. Remind yourself that you haven’t made it this far to just give up that, you too, have the power in your beautiful hands. I have a cousin, in Mexico, that graduated in Psychology. I’m very proud of her and her accomplishments- her name is Lupita Villagràn, she is based in La Piedad, Michoacan, Mexico. In the next month I’ll be collaborating with her and we’ll be discussing Mental Health in Mexico. If you wish to follow her page on Instagram, click here. Yesterday, I was listening to her podcast, and she mentioned the importance of Emotional Intelligence, but what exactly is Emotional Intelligence and how does it play a role in our daily lives? According to Oxford dictionary it is defined as, “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”. In other words, you have the ability within yourself to consciously navigate your own emotions in a compassionate way. When we are emotionally aware of our selves we can navigate interpersonal relationships better and understand certain situations. When you understand yourself you are better equipped to deal and handle your emotions and those emotions of those around you. Little things that would bother you no longer bother you and you are able to think beyond your emotions. In my perspective, emotional intelligence is, also, a spiritual awareness to advance in our consciousness. It is not easy dealing with one’s emotions but the more we practice the easier it becomes. Thanks to my sister, I began reading a book called The Warrior Heart Practice by Heatherash Amara. This book encompasses Toltect teachings that allow us to become whole. In this book, Heatherash dives in deep how we can turn conflicting situations into peaceful ones. I have turned many turbulent situations fogged by old agreement into peaceful ones. You see, it is up to us to find the peace within ourselves and that we have the ability to do so.

Las fuerzas del pueblo van en tus manos, you are a warrior, and don’t let anyone dim your light. Stand firm in your truth and you are powerful beyond measures.

Heatherash breaks down how to reflect through rough situations. These are the tools that helped me and I hope that they help you too! Heatherash describes in her book the importance of us entering chambers of reflection. Before entering, what she calls, the Story Chamber we should ground yourself in the following- Let go of the need to be right, turn inward and get quiet, breath and notice what parts of our bodies are affected by the stories that have plagued our mind. After you’re done grounding yourself you are ready to embark in the power of reflection. Make sure that you have a pencil and piece of paper to write down your thoughts. Remember not to judge yourself, just write. If you don’t have a piece of paper and pencil then you may use your phone. 1) The Story Chamber: What am I telling myself? What words have I woven together? What old agreements and rules are embedded in my story? How can I support myself in listening to deeper layers of this story? How old is this story? 2)Intent Chamber: What do I actually want in this situation? Where do I want to put my focus? What is my bigger focus in life right now and how does this situation fit in? What word best describes where I want to put my attention? If I could experience anything in this situation what would it be? (ex. happiness, wisdom, joy, love, compassion) If I could gift the world with one thing what would it be? I recommend using these questions to navigate your self reflection and analyze how it is you feel. It may help you become more self-aware and understand where certain emotions come from. When you begin to reflect you’ll realize that sometimes you’re repeating old patterns. It’s up to us to understand how we choose to navigate our life. I hope that this powerful tool helps you and I encourage you to check out the book!

The greatest love I have ever known is inside of me. I am what I’ve been waiting for.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working with Amina Hagi, a Black Muslim Woman, from Canada. She started a page on Instagram dedicated to positivity and Mental Health for Women. Amina’s page is called Femisme, make sure to check it out! Tune in because we will be talking about interesting topics! Thank you all for joining me today as we continue to explore Mental Health, Spirituality, and Social Justice. May the power of your ancestors guide you, uphold you, and protect you. That you are an infinite light being filled with immense power. That the world would not be the same without you. Much love to all and I send positive energy to every corner of your home.

Love, Gaby ❤️

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