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You Are Love

Hello my darlings! I’m so overwhelmed with joy to be writing. This will be a quick post for you all. I know this Mercury Retrograde has put a a lot of sh*** into perspective for us. We have a lot to learn and grow in order for us to transcend any of the pain we’ve been holding in for a while now. The lesson I’ve been learning with this Mercury Retrograde is to love yourself above all situations and circumstances. We may have minor set backs or inconveniences but remember that it is only temporary. Our egos get in the way of our perception but we have to remind ourselves that we have lessons to learn regardless of how difficult the situation might be. You are power and don’t be afraid to stand in your power and truth. When you understand your power and truth you will see everything through love and compassion. It is not our duty to judge, we have to feel, and understand what is needed to heal deep rooted trauma, hurt, and pain. YOU ARE LOVE AND LIGHT; THIS WORLD NEEDS YOU. Don’t let the fears eat you up, remind yourself that you are prepared to break barriers and touch the sky with your limitless potential. Prayers up relatives and I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! ♥️ -Love, Gaby

We are souls trapped in our bodies, like a prison, like the infrastructure placed on our mind. We are meant to break through this barrier and touch the star nations with our crown. The light overcomes the fears that hide our deepest pain. Light, light, light and transcend.

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